Color Label Printers – Frequently Asked Questions

Color Label printers require a similar setup to that of a desktop or thermal transfer printer. After downloading the printer driver and software, all you need to do is load the printer with labels and you’ll be ready to print full color custom labels!

We offer our customers a 30 day money back guarantee with the purchase of any color label printer. The manufacturer of these printers offer a 1 year warranty on parts, excluding wear and tear parts, which commonly have to be replaced the more that you use the printer.

With technological advances occurring everyday with color label printers, our offerings will evolve with changes to the market. We can provide any color label printer that is available, and our recommendation will depend upon the customers needs as to which will be the best fit. Please contact us with your project details and we can begin to narrow down the best available options.

We do offer demonstrations and training prior to or after purchasing a color label printer. These can be done at the customers site, or here at Liberty Marking Systems. We will work with your team’s schedule to determine what is best for you!

If our in plant demo, and 30 day money back guarantee doesn’t provide enough buying comfort, we can arrange to have the printer at your facility for up to 1 week for you to test.

We offer all of the major manufacturers color printers, including, but not limited to: Swift Color, Epson, Afinia, VIPColor, Primera.

We do offer a 2 color Thermal Transfer printer, the CAB XC Series. Although primarily used to print Red and Black for the GHS / BS5609 regulations, this printer can use any 2 colors of ribbon to create the perfect label for your needs!

We offer all the necessary wear and tear items, as well as the consumables for any color label printers. Even if you did not purchase your printer through Liberty Marking, we shouldn’t have any problems helping with your spare part, ink and label needs for your color printers. Call us today with your printer make and model for us to assist you!!

Have a question we didn’t answer? Ask us below and we’ll get right back to you! Or call (877) 671-6472.