Compliant Labels


Liberty Marking Labels Deliver Performance and Compliance

UL (Underwriters Laboratory), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and ETL compliant labels are important in a variety of industries, to designate that a product or component has passed the demands of UL, CSA or ETL testing and earned these safety approval designations. When it comes to purchasing safety compliant labels, the process can be confusing and even risky, since these labels must be printed in accordance with established UL, CSA & ETL guidelines. Liberty Marking Systems has extensive experience in the development of compliant labels suitable for a wide range of applications, including water and chemical resistance.

As a UL & CSA approved label supplier, Liberty Marking Systems offers a variety of compliant label options with a wide range of materials.

Our Compliant Label options include:

UL Labels – Frequently Asked Questions

As a UL approved supplier, we can assist you with attaining required UL approvals. Liberty Marking has extensive experience in the development of UL labels suitable for a wide range of applications, including UL labels with water and chemical resistance.

We offer a broad range of the most commonly specified label materials. Depending on your application needs, we can provide the materials best suited for your project.

Your UL labels from Liberty Marking can be produced and shipped in as fast as a day or two. Turnaround will be effected be the quantity of labels and the method required to print your UL labels. Tell us know more about your project and we can give you a more accurate estimate on the lead time.

A variety of face stock materials can be combined with many different adhesives to create your UL labels. Adhesives including: permanent, tire-adhesive, removable, tamper evident, cold temperature or freezer adhesive, high temperature, chemical resistant. Liberty Marking can advise you on best combination for your application requirements.

We can develop UL labels that are chemical resistant to meet your specific application needs. All you need to do is provide us with a list of all of the chemicals your application involves.

Our UL labels are made to be as durable as you need them to be. Our specialty materials provide resistance to heat, chemicals, smudging, forklifts, or other very demanding environments.

We follow label packaging standards that meet or exceed UL packaging requirements. Your UL labels can be provided on rolls, fan folded, or in individual sheets. We will happy to finish and package your order in whatever manner will best meet your application needs. Your UL labels will be packed in high quality poly bags, and placed inside of thick wall corrugated boxes. High end packing paper is added to secure your labels. The box will be clearly marked with the contents to ensure quick and easy identification.

Yes! We are happy to provide you with samples of your specific UP labels for testing purposes.