Liberty Marking Systems Offers RevealPrint Direct Thermal Labels

Liberty Marking Systems Offers RevealPrint Direct Thermal Labels

RevealPrint® offers Direct Thermal Labels with “On Demand Color”

No Ink, Ribbons or Chemicals
Images will not fade or yellow if left in UV light!

Applications Include

Pick Labels

    • Clearly distinguish between full/partial case with color
    • Bring attention to your product name and/or description
    • Color reduces picking & shipping errors
    • Identify product location for loading and reload

Food & Mfg Labels

    • Highlight warnings
    • Use color to clearly identify expiration dates
    • Reduce product placement errors and the associated spoilage and product damage

Big Bang for The Buck!

    • UV Resistance
    • Water & alcohol tolerant
    • Up to 8 colors per label
    • Low minimums
    • Short lead times
    • Fade resistant colors
    • No ink or ribbons needed
    • Chemical free
      No Leuco dye
      No BPA/BPS/developers
    • Compatibility with most thermal printers
    • Shelf life up to 3 years!

Make Your Messages “Colorful” with RevealPrint®


How is RevealPrint® different than traditional thermal labels?
Our products contain no Leuco Dye, BPA or BPS. We use a totally different patented technology than traditional thermal. Customers receive the benefits and savings of using color in thermal imaging, without the additional cost of pre-printing labels, managing multiple sku’s and eliminating the need to use ink or ribbons. Because we use a completely different technology, RevealPrint® labels are fade resistant unlike traditional thermal labels.

How many different colors can I put on a label?
There really is no limit to the number of colors you can have on a label. The number of colors is really restricted by the label size and other information being imaged on the label.

Is the color location always in the same place on the label?
You can put a single color or multiple colors anywhere on the label. Once the color locations are determined, the color is set in those spots and only shows when you image in that spot. The variable information on each label can be different. If you don’t image in the color spot, it will stay white. If you have several colors on your label, the only colors that would be revealed will be in the areas you image. For example, you can have 7 colors on a label, one for each day of the week and only image the color you need for a specific day of the week.

What is the cost difference to the thermal labels I use today?
RevealPrint® labels are only 5-10% more expensive than traditional direct thermal labels. Many of our users benefit from a “Custom Label” solution that is specifically designed for their individual logistics, warehousing and shipping requirements. Custom label solutions offer a return on investment (ROI) to our users that is usually significantly greater than any cost differential of a custom label solution.

Can I use my current thermal printer?
Yes, RevealPrint® technology works with the majority of thermal printer manufacturers.

Do I need to use the RevealPrint® labels within a certain time period?
No, our technology/chemistry is different, you can use RevealPrint® labels even if they have been on your shelf for 2 or 3 years. Our technology doesn’t break down over time.