Make Your Labels Last Longer with These Helpful Storage Tips

Make Your Labels Last Longer with These Helpful Storage Tips

Once your labels arrive at your location it is imperative that they be stored properly.

Proper storage will maximize their shelf life significantly and help maintain their optimal quality impacting expected performance levels related to adhesiveness, application ease and printability.

Temperature & Humidity

It is important to keep your labels in a temperature controlled environment. It is safe to say that Room Temperature (70-72 degrees) with about 50% humidity is optimal.


Avoid UV Light and Fluorescent Light as these can both cause discoloration and fading. Storing your labels in a cabinet with a door or in a breathable opaque container will shield them from harmful light.


Avoid Dust… This is especially important with labels run on auto applicators or thermal printers. The best way to avoid dust is to keep your labels wrapped in a plastic bag, even when stored in a container.

Storage Position

Maintain Core integrity by storing your label rolls FLAT with the open end of the core DOWN. This is especially important for labels where auto application is involved.

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