What to Look for in an LPN Label Supplier

What to Look for in an LPN Label Supplier

License plate number labels, most commonly referred to as LPN labels, have become an indispensable component in today’s inventory management systems in warehouses, fulfillment centers, shipping departments and other work environments requiring the tracking of valuable stock items. In order to keep operations flowing and profitable, you must be confident that the LPN labels you depend on are of high quality and in good supply.  Finding the right LPN label supplier could mean the difference between costly headaches and smooth flowing, profitable operations.

Some things to consider in choosing a supplier for your LPN labels include:


Not all LPN label suppliers have the same range of capabilities. It is important that the supplier you choose has the ability to produce LPN labels with the characteristics you require:

  • Shape & Size
  • Special Color
  • Stock/Material
  • Special Adhesive
  • Custom Number Sequencing
  • Barcode Readability

A supplier with complete in-house capabilities can offer you the best value and efficiency while meeting your LPN label needs.

Project Assistance

A lot goes into developing the right LPN labels to meet your needs. Selecting the right materials for the application and using the most efficient printing methods can impact project success. The right supplier should have extensive experience in label development, as well as prepress specialists to help you design your LPN labels.

Service and Delivery

One of the most important factors in any vendor supplier relationship is communication. Ask a prospective label supplier about how they will keep you apprised of your order status and alert you to potential problems so issues can be averted.  Your LPN label supplier should be able to deliver your labels when you need them, providing flexible packaging options to meet your specific needs.

Quality & Track Record

You must be assured that your LPN labels will be of the best possible quality. Don’t hesitate to ask prospective label suppliers about their track record and experience in developing LPN labels. The higher the customer approval rating they have the more likely you are to have a good experience with them and enjoy peace of mind that your LPN label needs are covered.

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