Polyester Labels: When Protection and Durability Matter

Polyester Labels: When Protection and Durability Matter

Polyester labels are an excellent choice when your labels need to not only look great, but also stand up to harsh conditions or rough handling. Polyester (or PET) labels provide protection against moisture, chemicals, scuffing, and extreme temperatures.

Polyester materials are widely used for durable labels that need to last, such as product information and identification labels, which need to hold up and remain legible for the lifetime of the product.

Polyester Label Components:

Face Material – Polyester face materials are typically categorized according to their resistance to heat, chemicals, and mechanical stress; coatings and overlays can be added for additional protection.

Adhesive – Must be compatible with the surface upon which the label will attach; exposure to UV light, heat, and chemicals is also a factor in adhesive choice.

Liner – Liners may be polyester, paper, or glassine paper; choice may depend on label format and the method in which the labels will be applied to the product (manual or automatic)

Polyester Label Characteristics:

  • Tear and Smudge Resistance
  • Strong Adherence to Metal, Plastic, Glass, and More
  • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures
  • Water and Moisture Repellence

Polyester Label Applications:

  • Equipment labels
  • Marine labels
  • Warning labels
  • Chemical labels
  • UV Resistant labels
  • Electronic labels
  • Circuit Board Manufacturing labels
  • Medical and Health Care labels
  • Steel Industry labels
  • Weather Proof labels
  • Freezer labels
  • Abrasion Resistant labels
  • Polyester labels
  • Valeron labels and tags
  • RoHS Compliant labels
  • UL labels

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